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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:

天空彩票  本机为口服液生产线中的清洗设备,主要用于对5-30ml易拉盖(或防盗盖)直管瓶的清洗。本机采用螺杆送瓶,瓶子经过加压的回用水,去离子水(或其他清洗液)二道内外多次冲淋后,再由净化压缩空气吹去遗留水珠。

天空彩票The machine for cleaning equipment of oral liquid production line, mainly used for about 5-30 ml easy pull cover of straight tube bottle cleaning (or cap). The machine adopts screw bottle, bottle after pressure of the water, deionized water (or other cleaning fluid) 2 inside and outside the shower after many times, left again by purified compressed air to water.

技术参数/technical parameters:

产量 production

80-300/分 80-300 bottles/min

适用瓶子Size of bottles

10-20ml口服液直管瓶10-20 ml oral liquid bottles straight tube

洗瓶方式Washing bottle way

螺杆输送,直线式瓶内外冲洗Screw conveyor, straight-line bottle inside and outside the flushing

压力水耗量Pressure water consumption


净化压缩空气耗量Clean compressed air consumption


电源power supply

380V  50Hz

功率 power